In accordance with the "Adoption Law of the People's Republic of China", foreigners may adopt children in China. Applicants for child adoption have to be :
A. Childless;
B. Capable of rearing and providing education to the adopted child;
C. Thirty years old or above;
D. Where an adoptive parent has a spouse, they should adopt a child together. In the case of a spouseless male adopting a baby girl, he has to be at least 40 years older than the adopted child;
E. An adopter could only adopt one child.

Notwithstanding the above conditions, adopting an orphan or a handicapped child need not be subject to the restrictions A, C and E as specified above.

To adopt a child in China, the necessary documents required are as follows:
A. Written application for adoption (including the pledge of not maltreating and deserting the adopted child);
B. Personal identifications (including birth and citizenship certificates);
C. Certificate of marital status;
D. Certificate of occupation and financial status;
E. Health certificate;
F. Certificate of criminal record;
G. Document which testifies that the adoption accords with the current laws applied to adoption in Canada.

During the process of adoption, either party of a couple may act on behalf of the other in case of absence and subject to the power of attorney signed by the absentee.

All the documents mentioned above should be notarized by a notary public and be legalized by the Canadian Department of External Affairs or by relevant Canadian provincial authorities and then be authenticated by the Consulate General.

A written agreement should be reached between the adopting parents and the person putting the child up for adoption. The parties shall register in the local Chinese civil affairs department in person, complete notarial procedures at the designated notarial agency. Adoptive relations shall come into force on the day of the notarization.
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