overseas chinese affairs office

Welcome to the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office.

I. The main functions of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office are:

1.Consular Protection: when just rights and interests of Chinese citizens and corporations are infringed upon within the consular precincts, the Consulate General will, through diplomatic channels, on the basis of relevant Chinese law and Canadian law, bilateral agreements as well as all principles of international law including international pacts, urge the Canadian authorities concerned to deal with the cases justly, legally, friendly and properly. Consular Protection comprises many aspects including interests of nation and Chinese corporations; personnel safety of Chinese citizens; rights and interesets of their properties, residences, heritages, freedom of their action and communication; humanitarian treatment ; as well as the right to normally keep in contact with the Consulate General etc.

2. Overseas Chinese Affairs: widely contact and serve overseas Chinese, actively popularize education of Mandarin, unite with overseas Chinese and push forward the cause of peaceful reunification of the motherland.


 II. Contact:  

Tel: 604-731-6090

Fax: 604-736-4343

E-mail: overseachinese@chinaconsulatevan.org


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