Interview: Chinese immigrants make enormous contribution to Canada: Canadian minister

by Xinhua Writer Shi Rong

TORONTO, April 24 (Xinhua) -- Immigrants from China have made enormous contribution to Canada, said Jason Kenny, Canada's Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism in a recent interview with Xinhua.

He said that about 25,000 people immigrated from the People's Republic of China to Canada in 2009, making the total Chinese population in Canada reach 1.2 million or more.

"China is one of the our top two source countries for immigration to Canada, I think it's No.1 source country for permanent residents coming to Canada," Kenney told Xinhua, adding that in 2009, Canada received more than 25,000 permanent residents from Chinese mainland.

"Obviously, Chinese immigrants to Canada have made enormous contribution, it is impossible for us to quantify the economic and cultural contribution of Chinese Canadians," said the 42-year-old minister.

He told Xinhua that the Chinese communities have been in Canada for over 150 years. Chinese immigrations built the Canadian Pacific railway that united the country from the east to the west in 1860s.

And today, Chinese immigrants do well in many fields in Canada, said the minister.

"But particularly, I think one of the gifts that Chinese immigrants bring to Canada is the great work ethic, good business sense, and the sense they are willing to take risks, they are willing to save up, they are willing to invest, they are willing to hire people and start small businesses."

"Most of our economic growth now is because of small- and medium-sized businesses. And in my view, that's where many Chinese immigrants excel, because they are very good business people and work very hard."

"Canada benefits enormously, that's why I am happy to see that China is our No.1 source country for the permanent residents as immigrants to Canada," concluded Kenny.

Jason Kenny, 42, was appointed as the minister of citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism in 2008.

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