Spokesperson's Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak in British Columbia 

Q: Recently, the coronavirus spread is spiking in British Columbia. As of March 20, there are 348 confirmed cases in BC and the number continues to increase, and BC has now entered a state of emergency. What is your comment on the situation?

A: “You throw a peach to me, and I give you a white jade for friendship”. It is China’s traditional virtue to repay goodwill with greater kindness. We will never forget that during our hardest times, the people of Canada and British Columbia provided timely medical supplies to China. The COVID_19 pandemic has rapidly spread to multiple areas in BC and other provinces in Canada as well. We will strengthen cooperation with BC and Canada in response to the COVID-19 challenge and together build a community with a shared future for mankind.

Since last week, Consul General Xiaoling Tong has, through letters, e-mails and phone calls to Premier John Horgan and his cabinet members, expressed her support for BC's fight against the COVID-19, shared China's diagnostics and therapeutics plan and prevention and control experiences, and mentioned that China would like to provide assistance within its capacity if need and request arises from BC Government.

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