Consul General TONG Xiaoling Attends C.A. Chinese Gold Starlight Gala 2019

On November 15, Consul General TONG Xiaoling addressed at the C.A. Chinese Gold Starlight Gala 2019 with the theme of “Undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” hosted by China Gold International.

Consul General TONG pointed out that, China Gold International has put consistent efforts in undertaking its CSRs, involving broad areas such as environmental protection in mining projects, special case studies on development in mining communities, the Indigenous Health Project, cancer prevention, and so on. A big number of Chinese enterprises in Canada like China Gold International have been making significant contributions to the social and economic development of Canada.

TONG said that China always attaches great importance to the development of China-Canada relations and values the profound friendship between the two peoples. Due to obvious reason, the current situation where our relations are in is not what we wanted to see. We feel disheartened about it. We wish the Canadian side to take concrete actions to address the central problem so as to move the bilateral relations back on the right track. We also hope that the non-governmental friendly forces from various sectors such as business, culture, research, education community, etc, can make greater efforts in building the relations.

TONG pointed out that, 10 days ago, at the Opening Ceremony of the 2nd China International Import Expo, Chinese President Xi Jinping reiterated that China will continue to open up its market and improve the business environment.“Chinese market is such a big one that you should all come and see what it has to offer.”We welcome enterprises from all over the world including Canada to do business in China or with China to share the opportunities that come with China’s economic development.

TONG expressed that, China and Canada enjoy profound friendship, strong economic complementarities and great potentials for deepening cooperation. We look forward to the earliest resumption of our friendly relations in preparation for celebrating the 50th anniversary of our diplomatic relationship next year. It is also hoped that the spirit of Dr. Norman Bethune will be carried forward, making contributions to promoting China-Canada friendship and the progress of mankind.

All other speakers at the Gala highly praised China Gold International's efforts in undertaking its CSR, and expressed their willingness to jointly push forward China-Canada relations.

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