H. E. Consul General LIU Fei Bid Farewell to Minister Teresa Wat

On June 28, H.E. LIU Fei, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Vancouver bid farewell to Hon. Teresa Wat, Minister of International Trade, Minister responsible for Asia Pacific Strategy and Multiculturalism of British Columbia.

Consul General LIU Fei thanked the Ministry of International Trade for attaching importance to China-Canada relationship. A first of its kind dialogue mechanism was set up jointly between the Chinse Consulate General and government of British Columbia. The Ministry established 4 trade offices in China and Headquarters Vancouver to faciliate bilateral understanding and economic and trade cooperation. She also expressed appreciation for BC government to apologize for historic wrongs and recognize the contributions made by Chinese Canadians.

Minister Wat recalled the experience to work with Consul General LIU Fei to find out the dialogue mechanism has drawn good results. She expressed respect for Consul General LIU's adherence to principles and dedication to safeguard national interest while promoting bilateral relations.

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