H.E. Consul General LIU Fei Meets with Delegates of Training Program for Central and Western China University Leaders

On May 31, H.E. LIU Fei, Consul General of the People's Republic of China met with delegates of training program for Central and Western China university leaders, and exchanged views with the 25 participants. Consul General LIU Fei hoped that all participants benefit from this training program by learning different concepts about teaching and administration, with the purpose of further promoting education in Central and Western China and contributing the implementation of “Belt and Road Initiative”.

All participants gave introduction of their universities and future vision. They also shared their past three days training experience at University of British Columbia, and said that they would make the most of this opportunity to enhance the comprehensive governance ability as university leaders, and so as to make greater contribution to the implementation of Belt and Road Initiative. Four scholars from Faculty of Education of University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University were also invited to attend this event.

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